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Pressure wash

Home Preventive Maintenance Plans:

These preventive maintenance plans are designed to keep Your house sealed against the elements.

A house is never just standing still. The ground will settle; The wind is pushing and water is washing out and loosen up mortar and other caulked seals.

There will always be a crack here and there, to allow water and critters to get inside the walls.

That's why we have designed these preventive maintenance service plans which will be charged monthly to your credit card.

When we receive your payment, we will schedule a date and time to inspect your home and perform the services as outlined and ordered below.

Plan 1

Checking the exterior of your home for cracked and loose caulking around windows and doors, if found we will remove the old caulking and re-seal these areas.

Plan 2

Includes the Plan 1 plus we will also inspect your eaves for cracked caulking and rot wood, the caulking will be fixed as our inspection progresses, in case we find rot wood we will write You a proposal upon request for your consideration, to fix these areas.


Service 1

One time charge, this plan includes cleaning out your rain gutters, checking around the house for cracked caulking on windows and doors, patch these cracks with new caulk, inspect your eaves and fascia boards for rot wood and prepare a proposal for your consideration to replace the wood. (Caulking material included).

Order now and we will schedule a service day with you


Service 2

Pressure wash Drive ways, Walk ways or exterior of your house

Single story $ 180.00

Drive* Way only $ 100.00

Drive* and walk way only $ 150.00

Order online or call us and pay after job completed, online orders have next day service if the weather permits it


* If Drive Way is longer than 60' please request estimate

Request Estimate:

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